The Geriatrician is a healthcare professional who specializes in the care of elderly patients. They are trained to manage the unique healthcare needs and challenges of older adults.

Therefore, during the Geriatric PMH Brigade by PMHF, elderly patients should consider visiting the geriatrician to receive specialized care and support.

Elderly patients typically have complex medical conditions, such as multiple chronic diseases, cognitive impairment, and functional limitations, which require specialized care. Geriatricians can provide comprehensive assessments and management of these conditions, as well as preventive care and health promotion.

Visiting the geriatrician during the PMH Brigade is particularly important for elderly patients who may have limited access to healthcare services or face barriers to receiving care. The geriatrician can provide a range of medical services, including preventive care, medication management, and chronic disease management.

Moreover, geriatricians can provide support for caregivers and family members of elderly patients. They can offer guidance on how to manage the unique needs of older adults and provide education and resources on caregiving and support services.

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